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Welcome to CB Services.

We can fix your computer!

CB Services is a low-cost, high quality technology service provider. We do this by eliminating the corporate overhead of most larger businesses. When you go to a big box store to get your computer repaired, you pay $80 per hour, of which only $10 goes to the technician. What kind of a technician can you get for $10 an hour?

At CB Services, you pay the technician directly. There is no corporate overhead. Residential customers only pay $35 per hour, but for that, you're getting a $35 per hour technician.

Consider that 75% of the population of the US has had personal information stolen from a company or organization since January 2005, and identity theft is at an all time high.
Specializing in data security, CB Services can help ensure that your critical and confidential business data will not be leaked out to identity thieves, or the competition.

Remote Support: Download and install our remote control software, and we can manage and repair your computer, without even needing a service call. All you need is a computer that will boot, and connect to the Internet. Most other problems can be fixed remotely at that point.

From computer hardware and software support and troubleshooting, to web site design, to music composition or recording. We can even find someone to play background music for a wedding, or other special event.

A leading Linux system builder in London, Ontario, we have technicians certified in Linux, Windows 95/98/Me, and Windows NT/2000/XP, as well as networking, and other high-end information technology requirements.

Take a look around the site. There are examples of most of our work for you to see. We're sure you will find it satisfactory to your needs.



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